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Nyirabagwiza Magnifique: “Chicken farming: Quick money, short period with a small house”

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2016-10-01 15:46:05

Engagement in Agriculture is, First Determination then Practice said KANANI Enani a young mushroom producer in southern Rwanda

“Engagement in Agriculture is, First Determination then Practice” said KANANI Enani a young mushroom producer in southern Rwanda, meet mushroom now. Being a Sector Agronomist of Busasamana in Nyanza district , South Province means a lot to him . Being a leader implies to be a role model in Agriculture that has been his focus as he wants to be the best performer countrywide in Mushroom production. He is an active member of YEAN and he wish to share the common goal of enjoying our Farming Story as a business, passion and Vocation. KANANI… “My project concern on producing mushroom tubes for local farming and fresh mushroom for local and national consumption”.


Kanani Enani in his room of mushroom farming

How did you started or how was your ideas of getting into mushroom farming?: I have started by cultivating mushrooms on small area (2sqm) with 120 mushroom tubes. After realizing that the project is productive, I attended a training on Juncao technology at RAB/RUBONA in China-Rwanda agriculture training and demonstration center (C-RATDC). After training, I submitted my business plan to Rwanda Bank of Development (BRD) and they gave me a loan of mushroom production and processing plant (20 000 000 Rwf around 25000usd ). During construction activities, I continued growing mushroom on small scale but looking for more customers. When the plant was finished, I started producing mushroom tubes with a production of 1000 tubes / month.

Wonderful opportunity, KANANI was very targetive and he wanted to hit the goals , he was very focused,remember that he has also responsibility of being a sector agronomist. Oooohh what a huge workload!!!

KANANI how is your business today?: Today I am producing 6000 mushroom tubes monthly (72000 tubes/year) and 200 kg of fresh mushroom /month (2400 kg/year).

Can you tell us what you have in Mind about your Vision for your Business ? : My target is working with Health centers in order to help people living with HIV/AIDS and malnourished people as well as mushroom is a way to help all these categories of people. The current monthly demand is 16000 mushroom tubes but I don’t satisfy the market. In order to achieve this, I need a production of 20000 mushroom tubes monthly.

After hearing this you may think like starting a mushroom production business as he did but KANANI said that , for you to be successful it’s somehow costly and need a spirit of passion. Like mushroom fist, and probably never miss them on your everyday meal!


With customers showing them how to take care of mushroom tube

He added that the arable land is reducing while population is increasing exponentially. Mushroom project is a solution to unemployment because mushrooms are grown on small land and give more production in a short period of time where the first harvest is done after 7 days after planting. This project gives the direct solutions on:

  • Land scarcity : mushrooms are grown on small land and give high production after 7 days of planting,
  • Malnutrition based diseases : mushrooms are very nutritive they offer more proteins and vitamins necessary for malnutrition diseases reduction,
  • Quick cash for poverty reduction project: 1 meter square produce 60 kg /3 months and gives 150 USD (1kg of fresh mushroom cost 2.5USD)

Though I import raw materials (Cotton) from our neighboring countries and transport to our customers still challenging but Mushroom project is a very productive project , we have a broad market : Hotels, supermarkets, farmer’s group and cooperatives, NGOs , Health Centers and Cooperatives but still our production is not matching with the demand . Every startup business has challenge and I am aware of that as I have been struggling to stand like I am now but still I am looking forward to broaden my business. Mushroom value chain begins on tubes production, fresh mushroom production then processing, now, I only produce tubes and fresh mushroom because of low financial capacity. Any help that I can get can be a key to other steps of mushroom value chain.

He is very proud of what he did so far but he said that he is producing for local market (Rwanda) and wants to open for regional market . This means another step in upgrading products by branding and packaging for export that will need modern mushroom dryers, mushroom grinders , packaging materials and transport means. I wish he can achieve this best ever dreams.

Juncao technology is known by few people in Rwanda his target is to extend his business in throughout the country through trainings and seminars but as he said He is still limited by financial capacity because he is still under pressure of the bank loan.

Story by NIYIGABA Etienne ,

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