Agri advertisements/Promoting products and service

Dou you have any service/product for farmers? YEAN Platform is the right place for you to market them. We expose you to a wide range of farmers through our website and social media platforms. Are you a farmer, we connect you to buyers for your products. Do you need an online appearance with your farming story? We are there for that; YEAN publish your farming story and helps you look more professional for furthering your career.

Farm management service

YEAN built a strong team of professional farming consultants who provide technical and business information to individual farmers and farmers cooperatives. We guide farmers and landowners on how to make the most effective use of the land by farming; effective crop cultivation methods, fertilizer use, selection of seeds, post harvesting handling, balancing the commercial viability of agricultural land with sustainable development. We keenly insist on production, marketing, accounting and communications.

The management services YEAN offers include:

Farm Inspection and Advisory:

We visit your farm, observe the challenges and advise accordingly with an inspection report.

Farm Designing:

We design a smart farm plan for whatever size of farm land to ensure optimum utilization.

Farm Setup /Establishment:

 You can contract us to establish your farm, negotiable depending on what projects to establish.

Farm Profits Maximization:

We work to maximize fully the farmers’ income while maintaining or improving the land. The aim is to help the farmers have a better understanding of the farming operation and the investment.

Farm Support Services:

We help you to plan for crop rotation, planting, weeding, spraying and harvesting to maximize your yields and return on investment. All the seasons, we are available to support at any immediate concerns through our expert knowledge that is continuously updated through research in worldwide best practices.

Farm Follow Ups:

We keep in touch with you as the farmer on the farm to make sure everything is running according to the plan and that you maximize your harvests to make good upon your investments.

Farm Security

Securing your investment is critical component on farming. Farmers are encouraged to secure their farm so that as to avoid losses through pests and diseases, theft, damages, animal destructions and other disasters.

Other services:

We help landowners, investors and farmers to understand the crop husbandry. We help you identify which are the best crops for your farm, the best fertilizers most suitable for the soils (organic and inorganic) and as well the most effective husbandry techniques at each stage of the season.

Irrigation service

Irrigation is a method of bringing water to areas that have too little or no rainfall at all. Irrigation is important in order to satisfy the ever growing demand for food to the increasing population.

YEAN have specialized in installing irrigation systems and we do the following:

  • Sprinklers
  • Drip irrigation
  • Manual irrigation

Soil testing and analysis

Soil testing involves examining a sample of soil to determine its fertility. It is done by checking the PH level, nutrients contain of the soil and its composition and finally the soil contamination. It is important to carry out soil analysis before deciding on which seedlings to use and also the area it is situated. After testing we recommend which crop to cultivate and fertilizers to apply on your field.

Reach farmers service

We provide a high professional service in reaching farmers in their farms, helping researchers in meeting right farmers for effective researches. For you who want to start farming and need some inspiring people? We connect you with professional farmers who inspire and enlighten your way in farming.

Research service

YEAN research team understands agriculture, natural resources and environment sectors in the context of Rwanda. Our aim is to help and support the projects of individuals, companies and organizationsmake informed decisions driven by actionable insights solutions.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Baseline Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies and Analysis
  • Scientific Research and Publication,
  • Impact Evaluation,
  • Market Research,
  • Impact Assessment

 Data Collection

YEAN offers timely and professional data collection services to individuals and companies. We ensure best quality by providing experienced teams.

YEAN assist clients in designing, development and translation of survey tools. We collect high quality and reliable primary field data from across Rwanda and in the region implementing both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection


YEAN has a built a strong team of professional farm technicians who are well experienced on different skills of agriculture. This is good opportunity for you who want to pursue agriculture as business.For you to be more successful, it is crucial to have some training and learn new skills and experience and hands on skills from our experts. Trainings are offered to the individuals or a group of people. You can invite us to train and empower you as an individual farmer or a cooperative and enterprise as well.Every training is delivered on farm in order to learn knowledge, skills and professional experience from the experts



  • Crop production

YEAN offer comprehensive and business oriented training service that includes:

  • Bananas farming training
  • Mushroom farming Training
  • Vegetable farming training
  • Maize farming Training
  • Beans farming Training
  • Nursery farming Training
  • Horticulture training
  • Cassava farming Training
  • Fruits farming training
  • Livestock/Animal production

YEAN offer comprehensive and business oriented training service that includes:


  • Piggery farming Training
  • Poultry farming Training
  • Rabbit farming Training
  • Goat farming Training
  • Dairy farming Training
  • Sheep farming Training
  • Fish farming Training