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2016-03-07 20:50:23

I Call him Mr. TWEZE , Meet Hubert HIRWA and his TWEZE organic liquid fertilizer

‘’Organic farming is holistic system everything we do is connected and carefully planned so we remain sustainable economically and environmentally.’’ Hirwa Hubert

My name is Hubert HIRWA. I am 26 years old. I was born in a family that lives from agricultural income in Rwanda and my mother is an Irish potatoes farmer. I was inspired by her as she is very courageous. I have graduated in University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Soil Sciences and Environment Management. I am District Environment Facilitator in Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA). I am student in Masters of Environment and Development Studies (MEDS) with specialization in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Management in University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK).

How did the TWEZE Idea come out ….

After participating in many trainings like Rwanda Entrepreneurial Mindset by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in collaboration with Grow Movement; I started thinking out of box where I find many opportunities in my mind. With purpose of valorize what I have studied in Agriculture with innovational spirit; I discovered TWEZE liquid organic fertilizer where I use compost materials by diluting them and get black liquid which is used as fertilizer and it has the ability to suppress several foliar diseases as well as seed and root rot. It influences the increase of tomato trees (Solanum betaceum) seed quality and yield. I want to implement the project called ’’Integrated farming system of Tomato trees and banana with Tweze liquid organic fertilizer to maximize the profit.’’ in our village of Kinoni/Ntaruka.

In Africa especially in Rwanda, the accessibility of compost to farmers and on agricultural markets is low compared to chemical fertilizers. The idea of our project refers to the fact that Tweze (liquid organic compost) is a form of compost which is easy to be accessible to the market and therefore can reduce the environmental destruction by agricultural inputs, as well as improving the soil fertility.

As my knowledge in organic agriculture increases the yield increases, the safer the product. The situation is good where I use to teach small kids nursery preparation and care activities in order to transform their mind with the spirit of initiating the Green Economy concepts using organic matter. I effort to be very conscious of my role as a good agricultural advisor by promoting the use of organic fertilizer.

Care, however, has been also given in creation of job for the people around the project where I use daily sixteen (16) women, one agronomist and other smallholder farmers. Many hardworking women and men come to me to buy tomato trees seedlings, to get advisor, to learn how to use organic fertilizer.

I am very motivated and excited in doing agriculture. My target is to promote sustainable agriculture by mitigating climate change effects. Previously, I taught and trained one of the young farmer who cultivates the tomato tree. The yield increases at 86% of the normal. One tree rises the yield of 14 to 20kg/tree.’’ Tweze is very productive and it improves my livelihood; now there is no malnutrition disease in my house’’ said Gahungu Theoneste.

Once I get more funds ……

I will use the direct sales to customers, inventory and transportation. The target customers for this product are smallholder farmers, cooperatives, agricultural enterprises, shop owners and Agrotechs. The product will be selled using negotiation methods, Mobile money, e-commerce using the under creation website.

I submitted this Project In a worldwide competition Of young Agripreneurs organized by at GFAR and CGIAR and if your admire my idea you can vote for me here YAP Proposal #32: “Integrated Farming of Tomato Trees and Banana” (Hubert Hirwa, Rwanda)

Some Picture from his project


Tomato tree under TWEZE Application .


Nursery of Tomato Tree using TWEZE


Tweze Liquid organic fertilizer

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Jackson Ndera :

2017-04-10 15:46:38
Etienne, can we ask HIRWA to(if possible) do a small research about the difference in terms of growth and production between using TWEZE fertilizer and other kinds of fertilizers for example the normal organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer?Thanks.