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2017-05-01 04:19:25

The world will need food forever, farmers will always provide food said Eulade Nzayinambaho, meet him and his fruits seedling nursery

A Bachelor degree with Honors holder in Agriculture Mechanization from University of Rwanda College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Nzayinambaho Eulade a young passionate in Agriculture is producing improved fruits seedling for his community in Western Province, Karongi district, Gishyita Sector.

“After graduating from university I went back to my community, I was looking for where and how to start my own farming activities and help my community improving our farming techniques, then I realized that my community has no fruits trees nursery while fruits is of a great meaning in nutrition and generates quick money then I decided to start my trees nursery” said Eulade

He started the project only with 800 seedlings of orange citrus with an investment of 285,000 RWF but after selling them he got a incredible profit of almost triple of the investment!!! After one year of his business his is now producing 3600 grafted seedlings for mango and orange citrus on a small land of with an expected income of almost 3.5 Million RWF.

“I’m planning of producing more 10,000 grafted seedlings of orange, mango and avocado and scale up my business to a big land for me to reach at least a 10 Million RWF income project. I already bought a 0.5 Ha land which is located near a water source that will allow me to reduce the cost of production and increase my production capacity.”

There is huge demand of fruits trees in my district even in the whole country said Eulade, my business is still at startup level with a minimum investment but due to my motivation and love for Agriculture , I have chosen this career to be my job and creates jobs for my fellows young people. I am still starting but there is great hope that I will achieve my goal. For now I can’t satisfy the market demand but am finding a way to invest more and get what farmers need.

Being engaged an agripreneur was not common in Rwandan youth but as the government is encouraging youth to be engaged in agriculture to help in Agriculture transformation with new and fresh innovations. Nowadays, it’s a great source of job as more young people are being massively engaged in Agriculture as an untapped sustainable source of income.

Eulade said that he is still facing some challenges for his business to grow faster as he is trying to build trust and creates awareness for farmers to buy improved seedlings, small investment and lack of professional training in the field to be more competent. He also mentioned that young farmers need more of study trips for them to be more innovative. Eulade proposed some suggestions to overcome these challenges like organizing some training for a given farming activity or crop value chain, organizing study visits to others farmers with same activities in the country or abroad, connecting farmers to markets and buyers, etc.

“Dear friend young farmers, we are sitting on a Golden stone, especially we, who did agriculture in our studies, let’s create jobs rather than asking for jobs. We have skills and we are surrounded by a nice study environment to name farmers. Step by step we can achieve more. Welcome to my farming activities, I love and appreciate your spirit of sharing ideas and information; I got more inspirations from our YEAN Platforms online discussions.”

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Isabelle MUCYOWERA :

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Philbert TUYISABE :

2017-05-01 12:25:05
Congratulations@Eulade, tuzakwigiraho byinshi kdi ukomereze aho, wongeremo nizindi species za Forest and agro forestry, thank u!!


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Birashoboka tubigize umwuga!!keep it up Eulade, ibi binyongeramo imbaraga