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2017-06-01 06:59:23

Nyirabagwiza Magnifique: "Chicken farming: Quick money, short period with a small house"

Not long ago people used to keep 2 to 4 chicken in their home, most of them were traditional races, for eggs and may be for the sake of having some birds domesticated. Nowadays young people and professionals farmers are harvesting a lot of money from Poultry farming especially Chickens with improved chicken races

Nyirabagwiza Magnifique , graduated from the University of Rwanda lives in Ruhango District , Byimana Sector, after graduating she was looking for jobs to start her career, but things didn’t work like expected ; she didn’t get any job until she got an idea of starting her own business that can create job even for some people in his community. She thought about staring a chicken farm though she didn’t have enough money to run the business, she was hopping for the best to get money provided she had a nice business idea. “ I heard many times on radio that people are getting money from Chicken farming , then I said why not me?” Said Magnifique , “I had a nice idea and got fund from a FAO Project that was supporting unemployed young people to start small businesses, I started with 300 chickens but I scaled up to 550 chicken, now I every morning collect about 265-280 eggs from those 300 chicken I stated with .”she added . It is not an easy job; to keep them healthy, feed them for better eggs production; I’ve got to find 2 people to help me and pay them monthly.

She got some trainings and study trips to help her increase her skills about this business but still she is facing some challenges; she needs more trainings on chicken farming as she wants to scale up her farming activities, medicines and veterinary services are expensive, chicken food is expensive and most of them are imported, the price of eggs and chickens is almost the same on markets whatever the production cost.

She is very proud of her business when she talks about it and she is ready to make it more professional. She mentioned that our Country Rwanda is more of young people who needs jobs, that’s fine and good that we have young but it won’t be good if they all need office jobs, worse again if they won’t serve Agriculture that host more that 80% of our population . “What we got from school must be a great tool to start thinking beyond what worked with our parents that can no longer work with our generation.” Said Magnifique.

She wish to share her farming story with YEAN, to inspire and get inspired as she is enjoying to chat with farmers on YEAN Platform. We wish her all the best in her Poultry farming and wish to see her growing to reach her dreams as a Young agripreneurs .

Story by Bucyansenga Kizito (

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