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  • Venue: Kigali (Telecom House)
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  • Date: December 9th,2018
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  • Attendance fees: Free
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  • Participants: Farmers and young Agri-preneurs


Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN) is an Agriculture Extension social enterprise that spreads agriculture information and facts to the community focusing on young people to lead in transforming traditional subsistence agriculture into agribusiness. YEAN is hosting a network of Young farmers, agronomist, investors and policymakers in Agriculture (YEAN Community), a network that we define as a new generation of professional farmers.

It was created after realizing that local community needs information to learn new knowledge and techniques to develop their career. YEAN shares stories from farmers to farmers, experts to farmers and vice-versa to inspire youth in leading the change in Agriculture and skills development that improves the living conditions of farmers for sustainable development. YEAN aims at inspiring change for the pursuit of beauty and excellent in young agri-preneurs and the community.

It is this regards that YEAN is organizing a one day “Farmer Platform Summit”, a way of bringingfarmers together in order for exchanging ideas and experience from farmers perspective in their routine farming activities . It will be the opportunity for the YEAN to launch officially the “Farmer Platform and YEAN Community Network” to the public.

Since its creation in 2014, attracted and served around 700 000 people on its website, where 250 scientific based agricultural articles were shared in Kinyarwanda, 1000 farmers on WhatsApp groups, 2300 followers on twitter and 5000 people of Facebook.  It also shared success stories from young farmers and agronomists. YEAN social media channels have attracted attention to a big number of farmers that has created a such nice YEAN Community of people sharing farming information direct from owner to end user farmer.

This Farmer Platform Summit is planned to assemble 150 young farmers.


YEAN (Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network) will organize the Summit in Partnership with BDC (Business Development Center) and Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum , as a way offbringing together the youth farmers , equipped with technical skills, doing agribusiness and providing the Technical Support services to the community in the field of Agriculture.


English Version: Young Farmers a foundation to Professional Farming

Kinyarwanda Version: Urubyirukorw’Abahinzi-Borozi, Umusingiw’Ubuhinzi-Bworozibw’Umwuga


  1. Bring together Young Farmers for a one day Summit
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  3. Offline meeting of Young agri-preneurs in Rwanda
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  5. Official Launch of YEAN Farmer Platform and YEAN Community Network

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