Implementing Agriculture Extension Projects and Programs

YEAN has acquired experience in implementing extension services to individual farmers and farmersí cooperatives. We deploy extension agents to guide and coach farmers on how to make the most effective use of the land effective crop cultivation methods, fertilizer use, selection of seeds, post harvesting handling, balancing the commercial viability of agricultural land with sustainable development and animal production. We keenly insist on increasing farm production in quality and quantity.

Agriculture Outreach

Your services, programs or products are targeted toward your organizationís specific goals and work in tandem with one another for greater effectiveness. By combining marketing services and implementing them with an efficient and collaborative team you can YEAN agriculture digital outreach packages are geared toward producing results. Choose from our free to a professional package and work with our team of digital marketing consultants and strategists to build a custom edition based on your unique needs and targets. Here the packages: Free, Basic, Standard and Professional package offering different services according to your project. Contact us for a custom quotation.

Agriculture conference and event social media reporting activities

Social media has grown tremendously in the last few years and it has enabled the spreading of information to a wider public. Now a powerful tool connects communities regardless of the location. YEAN have accumulated experience in managing and coordinating different social media reporting projects for several agriculture related conferences. We deploy a team of professional young social media reporters to cover the conference and share its content with the audience outside of the conference. The YEANís model provided a unique opportunity to reach out to a wider community than just merely the people present at the Conference. According to the size of the conference and the number of reporters deployed, we reach an audience of 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 people and above.