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YEAN Farmer Platform is a virtual space for YEAN Network of farmers and other value chain actors created and hosted by YEAN. The platform host farmers who actively share farming information to support one another in their respective agribusiness activities. The farmer platform provide space and support virtual online farmers and on field physical farmer groups. YEAN partner organizations are also included in the platform building a strong farmer centered partnership that collectively work to support the agriculture knowledge management, information dissemination and capacity building of farmers.

The YEAN Network of agripreneurs access farming and agribusiness information through this Farmer Platform that keeps them close to one another breaking social barriers. The Farmer Platform uses Whatsapp, Facebook Group (Urubuga rw’Abahanzi Borozi | Farmer platform) and YEAN Website.

In 2014, YEAN created a Facebook account, page and group which has boosted its presence on social networks. By 2021, over 25,000 farmers predominantly youth had subscribed to the group and get daily and timely support regarding farming tips, information and advisory. In 2015, with evolvement of social media use, YEAN created WhatsApp group to increase interaction, knowledge sharing and support with agriculture sector actors. As of 2021, YEAN WhatsApp groups have attracted farmers, experts, and keep on increasing day to day. Today, the platforms have attracted around 3000 farmers with 92% of male and 18% Female membership.

Currently (2022), YEAN strengthens the capacity of its Farmer Platform of with a good representation on social platforms including 3000+ farmers on 34 well moderated YEAN WhatsApp groups, 30,000+ members on Facebook platform, 10,000+ followers on Twitter and more than 27 commodity specific platforms.”

Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN ) is a Youth Led Private Agriculture services enterprise. We serve farmers, farmers organizations and Development Organizations for better livelihoods, job and wealth creation

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