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Our work is performed to empower farmers and value chain actors in a way that professionalize their activities. We collaborate with farmers and value chain actors, learn about their challenges then design specific and youth led solutions to sustainably migrate from poor-yielding practices to efficient production technologies through our “Commodity specific extension model”. Through this model, we create commodity specific “Farmer Platforms” that help farmers to exchange and promote peer learning. Our services, products and interventions are designed to address challenges in value chain development.

Our Impact

YEAN works to maximize its impact by applying strategies that optimize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being of farmers. We provide our services in a way that creates opportunities for farmers and value chain actors to learn and build their resilience in face of challenges like climate crisis and market ecosystem.

From challenges identification to designing and delivering solutions, we provide tailored Knowledge, information, services and products that meet identified challenges. Through our commodity specific extension model, we offer an opportunity of understanding, and developing each value chain (crop and animal) based on facts and data from that specific value chain actors.

We are empowering youth by supporting and developing youth-led programs to diversify innovation and creativity for greater impact and further opportunities that create jobs and wealth to youth and the community through our services . Through the advancement of ICT, most of the farmers we serve are connected to one another through the “Farmer platform”, which connects farmers and value chain actors and addresses the information and skills gaps through peer learning.”

Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN ) is a Youth Led Private Agriculture services enterprise. We serve farmers, farmers organizations and Development Organizations for better livelihoods, job and wealth creation

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